Friday, January 27, 2012

What You Should Know About Color-Coded Uniforms

For sure you have noticed that medical personnel's uniforms are color-coded nowadays. Have you tried to ask yourself what these colors connote? Gone were the days that you only see white as the only color of uniforms off medical personnel because medical uniforms evolved with time and you can see different colors uniforms of medical professionals nowadays.

Medicine is an important profession because it connotes unselfish service to the people. For years, medical personnel like doctors, nurses and dentists wore uniforms which are distinct from other professions in the industry. These uniforms not only signify their noble service to the people, but also enhance their honor and dignity.

History of medical uniforms

Even though medicine existed since the earliest time, it was only at the start of the 19th century that doctors performed surgical procedures. However, even such important task, they performed surgery with their street clothes on. Because surgery is a bloody process, they would often ruin their clothes with blood and other fluids. To protect their clothes, they started to wear butcher's apron during surgery and soon replaced with the white uniform. Like their street uniform, the white uniforms easily get dirt and the sight of blood on their uniform is not only untidy but unsanitary and risky for other patients as well. In response to the problem, their uniforms are changed to green during surgery.

Not only doctor's uniform evolved along with time, but nurses and other medical professionals as well. Previously, nurses used to wear aprons, caps and their standard white uniform. In 1990s their uniforms are changed to medical scrubs to provide convenience and comfort while performing their tedious tasks. This trend started in the United States and emulated by other countries worldwide.

The growing trend of medical scrubs is attributed to the ease, convenience, comfort and availability of these uniforms. Moreover, medical scrubs allow medical professionals to protect their personal clothing from the dirt and infection while performing their duties in hospitals and other health facilities.

These uniforms are not only required in their medical profession but it also serve as a tracking symbol for hospital administrators to monitor and to identify medical personnel. They are worn to protect their patients and to prevent the accumulation and onset of bacteria, germs and other dangerous substances in the facility.

At present, you can find different types, designs and colors of medical scrubs worn in the medical society. These uniforms are convenient and comfortable to wear because they are made from the finest and high-grade cotton material. They come in jacket style, fitted laboratory coats and gown-like coats.

Medical experts believed that colors affect the mood and attitude of the wearer and the patients who see them. In this connection, you can find specific colors of scrubs in medical facilities. For children's clinic, doctors and nurses wear happy and attractive uniforms with friendly prints to get the attention of children and to make them at ease while they are waiting for their turn.